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Tom Harrison. lives the life of a king, but who isn't satisfied.Despite his hectic schedule, Tom is lonely.He longs for the day he will find somebody who loves him for himself and not for his money or fortunes.Sick of waiting, Tom proposes to Rebecca Hamilton, a woman he had been dating for a few months. His body guard comments, "It's a big mistake," and advises Tom against it. Confused and frustrated, Tom agrees to go on a vacation to get away from it all and clear his brain.Having connections, Tom reserves a cabin in the mountains of Vancouver Canada where the snow and the cold is a refreshing change from the Los Angeles heat.

Kristen Douglas, a hard working dedicated writer lives the life of a fairy tale, one that's all in her head. She is an idealistic who isn't happy with her marriage which lacks love. She longs for romance, passion and above all, love. Every night she walks the dangerous streets of Manhattan, New York dreaming and wishing that one day she will meet her prince charming whom she can pour all her love to. Feeling desperate and alone, Kristen even drinks herself to a stupor until her best friend suggests she leaves for the holidays and take some time to write and clear her head since New York is no longer an inspiration for Kristen's writings.Her best friend buys her a ticket to the beautiful mountains of Vancouver Canada where Kristen can get away from it all.

Emily Perez is a London photographer who longs for the day she can pursue her dreams and become a director. Emily moved to England to escape the violence and terror of her ex boyfriend who took away two years of her life which Emily is determined to get back.Wanting to return to L.A. Emily fears the wrath of her ex boyfriend, a man with power who can see to it that Emily never accomplishes her goals. Hearing about a convention in Vancouver Canada where there will be many directors from LA.. Emily grabs her best friend and heads down there for her big break.

Joself Ford wears a facade of kindness in public, but who is secretly a disturbed lustful man. Being a successful director in LA.. Joe will not rest until he tracts down his ex girlfriend.Learning where she is, he sets up a trap for her in the beautiful mountains of Vancouver Canada and then heads down there himself to claim what is his.

Four people, four dreams, four goals. Canada brought them all together and Canada will make some of their dreams come true, and other dreams destroyed.

Chapter 1

Manhattan, New York

Winter is coming along with the merciless cold and the harsh wind that blows. Winter in New York is never pleasant. But then again maybe that's just because I never had a decent one since I moved here. Winter is coming, along with the holidays. I hate the holidays.I always feel suicidal around them, especially Christmas. I remember when I used to like Christmas.Those were the days. The days of my youth. Such fond memories I have. I remember living in California. The only reason it ever felt like Christmas was because of all the publicity which surrounded it. Weather wise, it never really got cold down there. I remember when I was a little girl. I'd sit by the fireplace toasting marshmallows and gazing at the Christmas tree which I insisted on decorating alone every year.I'd gaze up at the lights and feel the warmth of the fire. I would dream of a winter wonderland. A place where the ground was covered by a white blanket of snow and couples would be ice skating in the pond, or cuddling up by the fire in each other's arms to keep warm drinking hot chocolate and being in love.

Now here I am. I have the snow, I have the winter wonderland, I have the fire in the chimney and the hot chocolate in my hand.Can't say I don't have somebody to hold.But I can't help but always ask myself, then why am I still cold?

"Kristen, aren't you coming to bed?"

Kristen Douglas was startled from her deep thoughts as she heard her husband calling to her from upstairs.

"In a minute, in a minute," she called back.

She looked around the house. It was dim, small, pretty cozy looking. Kristen hugged herself as a chill ran through her spine. It was still Autumn and the weather was still quite humid in New York.Kristen rested her head against the couch as she felt her husband's hand touch her on the shoulder.

"What are you doing?" asked Armando Rodriguez.He was a well built man with chocolate colored skin and black wavy hair.

"I'm just writing in my journal, Hon," said Kristen."I'll be up in a minute."

"Writing, writing, writing. Always writing," said Armando shaking his head. "Isn't it enough that you write poetry and novels, do you have to keep a journal too?"

"I like to write down my thoughts," said Kristen. "It helps me sleep later."

"I don't see why you need a journal, you've got me," said Armando."Why can't you just tell me your feelings and I'll be your journal. Hell, I'm better than a journal I could feed back my input."

Kristen smiled as she flipped al a lock of o her dark brown hair away from eyes.

"Well, I'm going to sleep, I've got to get up early tomorrow for a meeting."

"Good night, Mondo. I'll be quiet when I go up."

Armando just nodded in disappointment and gave Kristen a kiss on the check before going back upstairs.

Kristen blinked away the tears she had in her eyes and focused her thoughts back to her journal...

Hollywood, California

"Paul, you mustn't leave me, I can't live without you!"

"Rita, we must part, my love. Go back to your husband. He needs you."

"But I need you."

"You need your husband. He's good for you.I'm not.We come from two different worlds.It wouldn't be right."

"Will I hear from you again?"

"I'll dedicate my next song to you. Good bye Rita."

"Good bye Paul..."

"Cut!It's a role!That was great. We're using that one."

Joself Ford directed his crew off the stage in the Hollywood Studios with a proud smile. "That was wonderful.Tom Honey, you amaze me every time with your talent."

"Thanks, Joe," said Tom Harrison with a smile."I thought we'd never finish with this movie."

"We are finished. Well you guys are anyway.I can't wait until this movie comes out. It will be a box office smash, I can feel it," said Joe excitedly.He turned to everybody else in the studio."Okay crew, let's call it a night.Good job. We can get this movie going by the new year."

Tom Harrison was exhausted from working at the studio since five in the morning.He took out his flip phone and called his chauffeur. Tom, a young actor of twenty eight, was at the peak of his career. This was the sixth movie he had starred in that was finished.He had worked on five others which he co-starred in. "Bring the limo around, I'm finished," Tom told his chauffeur.

Tom stepped outside of the studio for a breath of fresh air when Cynthia Valdez, Tom's biggest fan, practically knocked him over in excitement.She was with a couple of friends as they all crowded around Tom screaming and throwing all kinds of things at him in hopes for his autograph.

"Oh you're so gorgeous. I've been waiting for you all day outside the studio," cried Cynthia.

"Sign my underwear," one of Cynthia's friends cried throwing it in his face.

"Alright, alright, leave him alone." It was Tom's body guard, Jack Vasquez who fought in between Tom's obsessed fans. "He's tired and he won't sign any autographs today."

With disappointed expressions on their faces, Cynthia and her friends left.

"Thanks Jack, I really wasn't up to it tonight," said Tom.

"Sir, I really do advise you not to go anywhere without me.That's what I'm here for," said Jack.

Tom looked up at Jack who was a big mean looking man, strong and well built, with ferocious eyes, arms of steel, and a heart made of gold.He had very kind eyes and Tom knew he was just a big lug who couldn't really hurt a fly.

"I didn't go anywhere, Jack. I just stepped outside for a breath of fresh air."

"Even that's become hazardous to your health," said Jack.

"This is ridiculous. Do you know what that girl did the other day?" cried Tom."She started ripping off her clothes because she wanted to show me the tattoo she got of my name on her inner thigh."

"Where was I?" cried Jack alarmed.

"I took the B.M.W out for a bit," said Tom."I'm sorry, don't take offense to this, but I'm sick of not being able to go anywhere without you."

"That's the price you pay for fame," said Jack with a smile.

Tom knew that Jack was being protective of him and he appreciated it, but he needed some space.

"What's taking Darren so long?" asked Tom in irritation.

In answer to his question, the limousine turned the corner and parked right in front of Tom and Jack. Darren stumbled out and opened the door for them.

"It's about time," said Tom looking at his chauffeur with suspicion.

"I'm sorry sir," apologized Darren as he brushed his disheveled hair with his hand.

"Your fly is down," said Jack.

"Did you have women in the limo again?" cried Tom.

Darren shook his head. "Me?I wouldn't dare."

Tom went inside the limousine followed by Jack. Tom was always scolding Darren because of his tendencies to pick up women in his limousine-something Tom doesn't tolerate or allow.

Tom didn't care much for Darren. But Darren was one of the best limo drivers around and Tom hated driving and dealing with the L.A. traffic so he hired Darren because he knew his way around the city like the back of his hand.

"Where to, your beach house?" asked Darren.

"No, I think I'll go to my mansion in Brentwood tonight," said Tom."Oh and by the way, clean the jacuzzi in the limo tonight, Darren, it hasn't been cleaned in awhile."

"Yes sir," said Darren.

"So how did today go?" asked Jack.

"It went great. In fact, we finished the last scene of the movie that we've been working on for months," said Tom.

"That's great. This calls for a celebration," said Jack as he rummaged through the limousine and pulled out some champagne.

"No thanks, not tonight. I'm beat.Besides, I'm supposed to call Rebecca and tell her how it went."

"You still seeing that chick?" Jack asked.

"Yes I am still seeing Rebecca and she is not a chick," said Tom firmly.

"I'm sorry," Jack quickly apologized.

"Look, I don't know why you don't like her so much," said Tom.

"It's none of my business, sir," said Jack.

"I know, but I want to know what you've got against her."

"Well, forgive me for saying this, sir, but all she's in love with is your money and your glamour," said Jack.

"That's not true," said Tom.

"Okay, well then I don't want to argue with you, sir," said Jack.

Tom was quiet and Jack was quiet as Tom turned on the radio to some soft music and allowed the music to take his thoughts somewhere other than reality for reality for Tom outside of his studio, was very depressing.

The limousine arrived at Tom's beautiful three story white mansion in Brentwood.The limousine pulled up in the driveway next to the other limousines, B.M.Ws and Mercedes.Tom stepped out of the limo to discover his girlfriend waiting for his arrival at his door step. "Hey, I thought I was supposed to call you," said Tom.

"I couldn't wait," said his girlfriend Rebecca Hamilton.

She was tall and slender with dirty blonde hair and pouting lips.Her shoulders were broad and round which held up her perfectly oval face.

Tom smiled. "Really?"

"I need money, dear. I was cruising down Rodeo Drive this morning when this gorgeous dress was just screaming out to me, but I can't buy it because it's three hundred dollars."

"My day was fine thanks, how about yours?" asked Tom sarcastically.

"Oh I'm sorry darling," cried Rebecca throwing her arms around Tom and kissing him on the lips.

Tom's butler opened the door of the mansion and let them inside as Jack headed to his room. "I'm so exhausted," said Tom. "Guess what?We finished the last scene of the movie today."

"Oh that's great!" exclaimed Rebecca.

"Nobody messed up or anything. I guess we all wanted to finish this bad."

"You are just rolling in the dough, aren't you?" cried Rebecca with her arms clinging unto Tom.

"Well yeah, but it's more than that. Becky, when I'm at that studio and I'm surrounded by all those other actors-people like me, I feel like I truly belong there.I mean, it's such a great escape from reality..."

"Tom, honey, I really am busy tonight. I just came to see if you would give me the money for that dress."

Tom was quiet. "Sure, if that's all you care about," said Tom.

"Well sweetheart, I'm buying that dress for you.You're going to think I look so sexy in it, you're just going to want to rip it off me and make wild and passionate love to me."

Tom got up and opened his wallet and handed her the three hundred dollars which were pocket change to him.

"Thank you, I'm glad you finished the movie tonight," said Rebecca."Love you."

Tom leaned over to give her a kiss when Becky got up and instructed the butler to open the door for her. "I'll call you tomorrow."

"Bye," said Tom forcing a smile. The butler closed the door as Tom remarked under his breath."Love you too."

"Is there anything I can get you?" asked Tom's butler.

"No.You can't give me anything that I need," said Tom with a heavy sigh. "Thanks, but you could be off now."

Just then the phone rang. "I'll answer it," said Tom. "I actually want to feel like a real human."

"Very well sir, good night."

"Good night," said Tom while simultaneously picking up the phone."Hello? Hi Joe. You're surprised I answered the phone? Well, I felt like it."

"Listen Tom, I know we all had a rough day and I know you're probably dying and you crave your bed, but could I come over for a little bit to talk to you.It's really important?" said Joe on the other line.

"Sure why not? I'll be here," said Tom.


They got off the phone as Tom sat on the couch and looked around his big empty mansion.It was a beautiful house which was furnished entirely by Tom and his father. The carpet was immaculately clean and beige.There were big windows surrounding the house with a spectacular view from the third story of the entire city.Tom had pictures of his mother and his father up and of his little brother Mikey put up on the walls.He had a huge fireplace which he hardly used since it hardly got cold in the winter. Tom looked at a picture hung above his big screen T.V. It was a picture of him and Rebecca a few months ago at a wedding.Tom had displayed it on top of his television because it was the only picture he had of the two of them.He took the frame down and starred at it.

They looked so happy. He remembered how everybody gathered around them and took pictures and told them what a happy couple they looked. It may look that way, thought Tom as he laughed to himself. He looked around his empty mansion. It felt even bigger tonight. It needed a woman's touch. He needed a woman's touch. A woman that loved him. He thought about Jack's comment and thought to see if there was any truth to it.He knew there was, but he didn't want to admit it. He knew that Rebecca loved him for his money. Actually, loved his money not really him.But that was the price of fame.Nobody loved you for you, they loved you for your money and glamour. Tom sighed deeply.It was times like this when Tom felt it the most. Felt the loneliness and the pain of being alone. He went to work most of his days all day and would come home and sleep.Not necessarily because he was sleepy, but because it helped him get his mind of his loneliness.He wished Rebecca wouldn't have left so abruptly earlier. He wanted to tell her about his day and how well he did and how proud he was of himself and of his co-stars because they actually finished the movie.But all she would probably say was that it was good because that meant more money on the way.

Tom wasn't aware of the fact that he had tears in his eyes until one tear drop escaped his eyes and fell unto the picture. He put the picture down and wiped his eyes just as the doorbell rang.

He hurriedly answered it before the butler awoke and got up."Hey Joe, come in."

"I'm sorry for coming over so sudden and so soon after such a hectic day," apologized Joe.

"No problem. Actually, I'm glad you did," said Tom.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. What's up with you?" said Tom.

They sat down as Joe starred at Tom and he too looked like he was about to explode into tears. "Tom,I need to talk to you about Emily."

"Your ex girlfriend?" Tom asked.

"Yeah, her. Well, I miss her and I miss her bad," said Joe.

"Why did you two brake up anyway?" asked Tom.

"She needed space," said Joe. "And I gave her some. But I miss her like hell now."

"So call her."

"Well that's just it. I don't know where she is," said Joe. "She left town."

"Why?" asked Tom suspiciously.

"I don't know, but I'm worried about her. And I know that you have many connections around the world and I was just wondering if maybe you could help me track her down."

"Are you sure she wants to be found?"

"Of course. I know my Emily.She wouldn't just take off like this without telling me. Something is wrong, I can feel it," said Joe. "Put yourself in my shoes. A girl you are totally in love with leaves town and you know that you two belong together and you feel it in your gut that something is wrong.Wouldn't you do everything in your power to try and find her?"

Tom starred off into space without a response.

"Tom?" said Joe.

"I'm sorry. Yeah, I would.I would do anything in my power to find her," said Tom. "And when I do, I'd never let her go."

"Then you know how I feel," said Joe. "And you'll help me?"

"Sure.I'll call Anthony and have him call everyone I know in every place and see if they know anything about Emily Garcia."

"Thanks so much," said Joe. "I truly appreciate it. By the way, how are you and Rebecca doing?"

"Fine, we're doing great," said Tom.

"That's good. "You're lucky, Tom," said Joe. "You've found somebody to make you happy and she's here with you.Mine is God knows where."

"That's why I'll help you find her," said Tom.

They both got up as Joe thanked Tom one more time and got into his Mercedes and left.

Tom closed the door and sat back on the couch and laughed at Joe's comment about him being lucky. He then went upstairs to his bed and pulled out Poems from the Heart, a book he had bought at the bookstore where Rebecca worked.It was by Kristen Douglas.Tom was familiar with Kristen's writings since he had bought this book and a couple of others she had written which were best sellers. Rebecca had recommended them since she did a lot of reading and knew a lot of the good books out there. Reading was a past time that helped Tom relax and get his mind off of things.He randomly opened the book to a poem entitled He decided to read a little before going to sleep.

Somewhere Out There

In a sky full of stars,

there's one lonely little star sitting in space.

Waiting for that gentle touch.

Or that soothing voice and loving embrace.

In a world full of people.

There's a person lonely as can be.

Searching for her prince charming.

To come and set her free.

Somewhere out there I know I will find.

Someone to love and call mine.

I'll be patient and keep looking.

For I truly believe I'll find him in time.

I want somebody to share forever with.

Somebody who will always care.

I know he exists.

Somewhere out there.

I won't give up because I know deep in my soul.

There's somebody out there looking for a love so precious and rare.

There's somebody out there looking for me too.

Somebody, somewhere out there.

Tom starred down at the poem after he finished reading it.It brought tears to his eyes. Kristen's writing often did that to him, especially if he could relate to them, like he could with this one. "How did you know that's how I felt?" said Tom to himself.He starred out his window with the poetry book in hand and he thought about the poem. Maybe there is somebody out there, he thought. Somebody somewhere out there.

London, England

"It's about sixty five degrees out and another rainy day here in London.The whether forecasters predict that the rain will continue for the next couple of days, but then what else is new?This is Melissa Garica saying good bye and stay dry until tomorrow."

Emily Perez turned off her radio and dialed her best friend's number."Melissa, you just off work?"

"Yep, right now, were you listening?"

"Yeah.Why don't you come over.I need your opinion on something."

"I'm on my way."

Emily Perez, a woman of twenty seven, had long brown hair and a full feminine figure.She got off the phone in her one bedroom apartment and looked at some of her proofs which she had taken earlier.She was debating over which picture she should take.All these beautiful models she had pictures of. She needed to have her proofs in by tomorrow so they could print them in the next issue ofLondon's hot new magazine, . Emily had just recently moved to London from LA and had gotten her first job as photographer of London's hottest magazine and she was working her way up.Her best friend, Melissa Garica had moved with her to London and established herself as a DJ.

There was a knock on Emily's door as Emily opened the door and let a dripping Melissa enter the apartment. She went in shaking her umbrella.

"Melissa, you're soaked," cried Emily.

"I know.I had trouble opening my umbrella.They make it so hard nowadays to do that."

Emily laughed at her six foot friend who was sometimes such a bubble head.

Melissa took off her raincoat and sat on the chair. "It's pouring cats and dogs out there."

"Great.And I needed to take some shots outside tomorrow," said Emily. "I hate this."

"I love this weather."

"That's because you've already adjusted to this place," said Emily.

"I can see you still haven't," said Melissa.

Emily looked down. "No, I haven't. I don't think I ever will."

"Don't be such a pessimist. I mean, it's not blazing hot like LA was, but it's not so bad."

"It rains all the time, you can't do anything."

"Sure you could. Just ignore the rain.Everybody else does."

"Well they didn't just move here from Los Angeles."

Emily got up. "I'll make some hot chocolate."

As Emily went inside the kitchen, Melissa stood up and walked over to the table where Emily's proofs lay. "Do you really hate it here?" she called out to Emily.

"I don't know. I keep telling myself it's a matter of adjustment, but I can't help but think that I'll never adjust to this place," Emily called from the kitchen.

"You've already established yourself," said Melissa."I mean you're one of the best photographers in London and you know that. It only took a month for you to reach that height."

"But it's not what I want," said Emily going inside and handing Melissa a cup of hot chocolate. "I can't see myself doing this for the rest of my life."

&;quot;You want to go back to LA, don't you?"

"I do.But how can I when that maniac is out there?" said Emily.

"You can't let him run your life," said Melissa.

"He isn't, my fear is."

"That's even worse," said Melissa as she took a sip of her hot chocolate.

Emily starred at her proofs. "I don't know Melissa. I want to go back to LA so much. That's where I belong. Directing and producing. Every night there's this voice in my head telling me that there are so many opportunities waiting for me down there."

"Then go."

"But I remember Joe threatening me that he'll take all those opportunities away from me."

"He's just bluffing."

"He's a powerful man, Melissa. We both know that. He's one of the finest directors down there. He can see to it that I never get the big break I deserve.Then what will become of me?At least here I have my photography career."

"I know you, Emily, it's more than that. You're scared he's going to hurt you again," said Melissa.

Emily looked down.

"Look, you don't have to put up with that crap anymore.You left him, remember? You owe him nothing."

"I know that."

"Do you?I don't think you do."

Emily walked past Melissa and starred out of the window at the falling rain."I just get so lonely out here.If it weren't for you, I think I'd go crazy.I know this sounds crazy, but I miss LA and the traffic and the heat waves and the smog that goes with it.That's my home, not here."

"Then what are you waiting for? Get on that plane and go? I'll go with you until you settle things and then I'll come back."

"You really like it here, don't you?" asked Emily.

"It's my home. Just like LA is your home.It's where your dreams are, it's where your heart is."

"Maybe I should just forget my dreams, huh? Maybe it wasn't meant to be. I mean it's not like LA is the only place with opportunities, right?"

Melissa was quiet. Emily turned back and starred at the rain and watched each rain drop hit the ground."I just can't help but wonder if I'll ever find happiness."

"It's out there for you," said Melissa with her arm around her best friend as she too watched the rain fall and the cold air coming in through the window. "It's out there waiting for you...somewhere."

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