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Meteora, Greece

“Come to bed! I can’t sleep without you beside me.”

The man in the silk robe smiled to himself as he meticulously placed the cup filled with ouzo to his lips, closing his eyes and savoring the bitter taste swirling against his tongue before he swallowed it and smiled while it tickled his palette.

He was sitting on the veranda with a bowl of peanuts beside him on a circular glass table and a glass of ouzo in his hand. Although he preferred wine to the popular Greek drink he held in is hand, he laughed at himself knowing that he had turned too American from his years in the States.

His girlfriend Chloe Mavridara opened the screen door and stood before him in her skimpy pink negligee, her sandy brown hair ruffled from sleep. He smiled and gestured for her to take the seat beside him to admire the beautiful island scenery, but she refused. Instead, she sought refuge in his arms as she glided gracefully on his lap. The man smiled and set his glass down on the table to circle his arms around her petite frame. “Am I keeping you up, darling?” he asked with an impish grin.

“You know you are. I can’t sleep properly without you and I need my beauty sleep.”

The man laughed a slight cackle before saying, “Hardly. You’re the prettiest girl in Meteora. Heck, in all of Greece.”

“Woman,” she corrected, looking insulted.

“I’m sorry, woman,” he said knowing that she felt quite sensitive about their age difference even though he reassured her time and time again that it made no difference to him how old she was. She was his Greek Goddess as far as he was concerned, but she felt insecure as most 16 year olds do.

At the start of their courtship, she wasn’t so unsure of yourself, but when she learned of his daughter back in America who was her age, she felt rather shy all of a sudden. He reassured her that he did not look at her as a daughter but rather as the elegant, mature woman that she was. She bought that for the most part and all was well, but she had her occasional insecurities, which he just mused over. It was true that he could have any woman he wanted in all of Greece but he chose her because she was so innocent and fragile. He wanted to mold her into the perfect woman for him. And at the age of 16, women were so impressionable and seeking for that older, wealthy man who was kind of a like a father figure and whom they’d do anything to please. And Chloe would do just about anything, he thought with a smile.

“Are you having trouble sleeping again?” she asked, waking him from his reverie.

“I am. See, you are so perceptive at your age. All the women I have been with double you age have not understood me as you.” The compliment made her blush as she stroked his dark brown locks and asked, “Is it your daughter? Are you thinking of her again?”

“Correct again. I can’t help it. I miss her, you know? It has been so terrible not being able to see her.”

“I still don’t understand why you can’t just go to America and steal her back from her mother?” Chloe asked.

He just laughed and squeezed her tightly. “Ah my dear, it is not that simple,” he said. “I wish it were. You know she thinks I am dead.”

“That is only because your wicked ex wife told such heinous lies about you,” Chloe cried in his defense. “Why don’t you just go there and reveal the truth to her?”

“Because my dear, she has been lead to believe I have been dead for half her life now. To go there and reveal the truth would be devastating to her.”

“On the contrary my love, I think it would please her rather greatly. To know your father is alive after all these years?”

“But it will turn her against her Mother for speaking such lies about me.”

“But after everything her mother has done both to you and her, do you not think it is justified?” Chloe asked.

“It is; you are right. But one of the greatest bonds in this world is the one formed between a mother and a daughter. If I reveal the truth now, it would tear her apart and I could not live with myself ever knowing I was the cause of that.”

“That is what I truly love about you!” Chloe cried. “You are so selfsacrificing and always putting the people you love first despite your feelings.”

“I try,” the man said reaching for another swig of his ouzo with one hand while the other still was wrapped securely around Chloe.

“But now it is my turn,” Chloe said with enough aggression to take him by surprise. “I am going to convince you to go back to America and meet your daughter. I love you and it is tearing me apart to know that you cannot be with her. I will do whatever it takes to help you meet with her.”

“Whatever it takes?” the man challenged.

Chloe nodded. “Absolutely. After all, that is what lovers are for.” The man sat still, contemplating this for a moment before smiling.

“You’re right. Perhaps with your help I may actually be able to get to know the daughter I have been estranged from for so long.”

“And I will get to visit America and put my English to good use there,”Chloe said with a smile. She stuck her hand out to him. “Let us shake on it as you always like to say?”

“I know a far better way to seal the deal,” the man said with a cocky smile.

Chloe giggled as he picked her up and carried her into the bedroom where he put her on the bed before allowing his silk robe to fall, exposing his hard body to her as he joined her and they consummated their agreement of them going to the States so he could finally reclaim his lost daughter.

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