When I'm around you
I'm dizzy with delight
Walls built around me crumble
I'm too weak to try to fight

I'm buzzed with euphoria
It's like I'm floating on air
I giggle and laugh
I don't care if people stare

You intoxicate me
I want to drink you in
I don't care what's forbidden
Nothing is a sin

You're like a drug
I can't control this obsession
I need to have you inside me
And make you my possession

You intoxicate me
It's you I want to drink
My body is at your command
It gets hard to stop and think

It's you I want
To fill me up with your love
I'm light as a feather
Like the clouds up above

I'm swimming in a sea of emotion
Immersed in a pool of intoxication
This could be love
Or just pure infatuation

Inebriated by you
By this thing between you and I
I lose all my inhibitions
And feel like I can fly

You intoxicate me
With your soft sexy ways
You intoxicate me
My head is like a maze

Can I find my way out
of this intoxicated bliss
I try to remain sober
But I yearn for your luscious kiss

The one that invigorates me
Makes me drunk from head to toe
I try to wean myself out of you
But it's impossible to let go

Addicted to you
And this feeling that you bring
You intoxicate me
And make me want to sing

My head is spinning
I can't help but grin
I'm joyful and elated
From this intoxication that I'm in

Everything is all right with the world
That's the feeling that I get
Baby I've been intoxicated
Ever since we met

Drunk with madness
This feeling I can't explain
Honey I'm intoxicated
And I have you to blame

I feel that anything is possible
I can touch the sky
It's this feeling of intoxication
That I feel between you and I

These feelings for you
What a fascination
I'm higher than a kite
It's pure intoxication

- Copyright 2013 Chrissy Yacoub, Chrissy Books All Rights Reserved -