It's the way you look at me
When nobody is around
And when you talk to me
I hear no other sound

It's the way my heart melts
At the touch of your fingertips
The way my body trembles
At the brush of your gentle lips

It's the way your skin feels
When against my body it's pressed
It's the way I look at others
and know that you're the best

It's the scent of your cologne
That I smell all day long
It's the way I think about you
Every time I hear a love song

I'm falling into love
Head first I fall
In the heat of the night
It's your name that I call

I'm falling into love
Falling hard and falling fast
I can only wonder
How long this feeling will last

You're on my mind
Every second of the day
And when we're together
I want you to stay

You love me back
and never want to leave
You love me also
In my mind I make believe

The chemistry is so thick
It can be cut by a knife
I only wonder
Will this feeling last for life

I'm falling into love
Could this really be true
When I close my eyes
All I see is you

It's the way you move
The way your body glistens in the sun
It makes me wish you were in me
And then we'd become one

I fight this feeling
God knows how hard I try
But the passion for you
Is too strong to deny

I'm falling into love
Will you catch me when I land?
Will you be there at the bottom
to love me and hold my hand?

It's the way I hunger for you
and want you to quench my thirst
I'm falling into love
I fall head first

It's the way you're in all my fantasies
driving me crazy with each caress
It's the way you sweet-talk me
My knees weaken with your finesse

I'm falling into love
Falling hard and falling fast
I'm falling into love
How long will this feeling last

Will you catch me at the bottom?
Will you answer me when I call?
Or will you disappear
As I feel myself fall

It's your face I keep seeing
Your name I keep calling
It's you I want and need
As I just keep on falling

- Copyright 2013 Chrissy Yacoub, Chrissy Books All Rights Reserved -